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Can a Relocation Really Power an Early and
Better Retirement?


Would you like to know what the math says about relocating for

Let us help you take the guesswork out of a relocation decision.

We will discuss how to:


  • Compare potential retirement outcomes with and without executing a relocation.

  • Take advantage of the red hot real estate market in Silicon Valley.

  • Understand economic indicators that may affect local real estate prices.

  • Calculate the true (after‐tax) value of your current home equity.

  • Transfer your property tax basis to a new location.

  • Integrate techniques for Social Security and Medicare filing to further enhance a relocation retirement plan.

  • Successfully navigate the “Sell‐a‐home / Buy‐a‐home” process seamlessly.

  • Discover new areas in California and beyond as alternatives to Bay Area traffic, population, congestion, and rising crime rates.

No cost or obligation – this is not an annuity seminar or investment presentation.

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