Financial Planning


At Dynamic, we believe the first step in transitioning into retirement is a forward-looking plan that grows and adapts to your goals and changing realities throughout your lifetime.  Our Living Financial Plan process begins by integrating your current retirement preparations with the important decisions you will need to make regarding retirement budgets, investments and savings, Social Security claiming strategies, and health care needs.  The power of the Living Financial Plan is realized throughout your retirement as we regularly evolve your projections as your life, goals, and financial cycles change over time.  Because our data and assumptions can be updated regularly, we can utilize the Living Financial Plan to simulate the potential effects of an important financial decision before you make it.  We believe this proactive approach to financial advice can take a great deal of the guesswork out of navigating important decisions in your retirement.

Investment Management 


Our investment approach can best be described as goal-driven, fee-conscious, and managed in pursuit of the unique requirements of your financial objectives.  We are ardent students of the science of investment management, and we actively utilize Modern and Post-Modern Portfolio theory when designing the mix of investment holdings in your accounts.  We monitor and adjust your investments regularly to ensure that your portfolio remains closely aligned to your objectives.  With a range of available portfolio constructs from conservative to aggressive, we are confident we can tailor an investment strategy to fit the unique requirements of your retirement investment plan.

Social Security Claiming Strategies


Our experiences working with hundreds of families in developing Living Financial Plans have demonstrated to us time and again how important a sound Social Security claiming strategy is to long term financial success.  The decision to claim your benefits early or defer to a later date can have profound effects on your future financial health.  Because Social Security is a lifetime benefit, and a decision to claim is not easily reversible – it is critical that you are well informed of the long-term consequences of a claiming decision before you make it.  We specialize in integrating your Social Security benefit options into your larger financial plan, thus taking full advantage of various spousal benefit coordination, cash flow management, and tax efficiency outcomes in your retirement.



While predicting future medical costs in your retirement is not possible, it is nonetheless crucial to protect yourself with appropriate insurance to shield your financial assets in the event of a healthcare need.  We help our clients navigate the complex Medicare enrollment and subsequent annual renewal periods by comparing protection benefits of various policy options against your budget requirements.  By first understanding the underlying financial needs of your retirement plan, we can effectively help you navigate the myriad options available to you through the Medicare system.