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Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Nathan Ankney, CFA

Nathan began his career in the investment industry in 1993 working for a national brokerage firm.   In 2002, Nathan′s passion for business and entrepreneurship led him to the advisory side of the business, where he helped launch a boutique investment management firm in San Jose, California. There, Nathan held positions as Director of Research, Chief Compliance Officer ("CCO"), and Chief Operating Officer ("COO").  


Throughout his career, Nathan actively met with and co-managed relationships with over 150 clients, both institutional and retail, including private family foundations, charitable trusts, and other tax advantaged entities.  


In May, 2007, while pursuing his goal of starting his own investment management practice, Nathan joined an investment management firm in New York City where he held roles as CCO and COO. He was responsible for developing a "culture of compliance" for the firm and for streamlining back office operations.  


In 2008, Nathan joined forces with long-time friends and business associates to form Dynamic Wealth Strategies, LLC where he seeks to provide a high level of interaction with clients while providing financial planning and investment management services. 

In 2000, Nathan graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor′s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from San Jose State University.  Nathan is a CFA® charterholder.


Nathan tends to be very analytical and number-oriented in his decision making. He also enjoys working with people and helping them achieve their goals. In his free time, you’ll find Nathan hiking, backpacking, travelling or volunteering his time with his son's scouting activities.  Some of his top values are freedom, family and focus.  


Nathan holds a California Insurance License # 0G16648, a California Real Estate Agent License, and an FCC Amateur Radio License.

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